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Topic: Folio number on conductor label

Hello Everyone. I've been using Qelectrotech for a couple of months but this is my first post on the forum. I'm having a bit of an issue, which I was hoping you could help me with:

I'm trying to implement a numbering/labelling system, for my wires and cables, based on the folio number. In order to obtain what I'm after, I've been keying in %f on the label formula, which gets my element's label to reference the folio number. Perfect! However, if I try to do the same with a conductor, even though I obtain the desired effect, once I close qelectrotech, and then reopen it, not only is the number off by a factor of 2, but it also does not get updated automatically.

For example:
If I want to reference conductor 00 on a folio, I'd write %f00 on the label formula. Assuming this is on page 36, my conductor label would be 3600, which is, again, exactly what I'm trying to obtain. Now, if I close and reopen qelectrotech, I come back to find that my conductor number is now 3400, even though the folio number is still 36. Moreover, if the folio number changes (e.g. from 36 to 37), the conductor label still retains its value of 3400. Does anyone know a workaround for this? Also, does this happen because a conductor is something intrinsical to the software and not part of any collection? If I do the same procedure to, let's say, a "fixed" element label, not only it retains its value, but it is also updated automatically, should the page number change.

Many thanks in advance

Solved (I think). I found that if you use %id instead of %f you obtain the same result but the value is retained if you close and reopen qelectrotech. Whereas this does not explain why it was happening with %f, it did solve my problem, I reckon.

Re: Folio number on conductor label

Hi Potato,

%id is folio position, %f is folio name like 23, 23A, 23B, etc.