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Topic: Old project with new project settings.

Is it possible (can something be replaced in the XML text of the project) so that the new project settings are accepted by the old project? 

For example, I just found that you provided the format of cross-reference tags. I change it, but the changes take effect only for a new project( And I can’t just copy and paste, lost links and ID (((

I'm trying to create an assembly drawing, add the look of the components, link them in the available ways ..
I found how to do it by borrowing, but, I'm afraid, this is not correct and can lead to failures in the future.


Re: Old project with new project settings.


why not upgrade old project in 0.7-dev version?
Old version QET does not have code to read new features added on 0.7, and editing XML will do nothing...


Re: Old project with new project settings.

I updated, I like, I will study. And editing XML works, this is the only way to change the display settings of links in an existing project. I did not find anything else. <xrefs>