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Not so often, but sometimes the system suddenly stops working and has to be closed. This means some work is last, depending on the last moment I saved the project. I think it would be a nice option, on opening the project, the content of the project to be copied to a recovery file. The changes in the project are saved in here on a regular basis (options: 1 min, 2 min, 5 min etc.). When the project is saved and closed normally, the recovery file will be deleted. When the system crashes, the recovery file may be used to recover the latest changes.

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Yes, for me this was also a bit annoying when I tried to work with the newest beta version of QET. But because I hate it when my work disappears, I switched to stable version of QET. Now crashes are very rare and I also started to save my work automatically with simple Ctrl + S command.

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@ b.w.v.leeuwen:

not to forget that QET v0.7 is a development version (to implement new things, to test, etc.).
The v0.6 is the current stable and, in my opinion, this is until now the most stable version of QET I have ever used (I've started with v0.4).
There are also crashes with v0.6 but they are very rare.

When QET crashes, you lost only the changes you made since the last Ctrl+S, so it is a good habbit to save your project as much as needed.

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