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Topic: QElectroTech version 0.6 Release Candidate 2 released [EN]


it's now time for us to prepare the release of the version 0.6.

The version RC2 fixes some bugs thanks to the feedback about the RC1:

  • In rare case in the diagram editor, when we add an element in the diagram and quickly click left, QET crash.

  • Elements collection widget doesn't load automatically when the parent dock widget is detached

  • QET crash when we save a project and the element collection is not loaded.

  • Improve High Dpi Scaling

The packages for Windows 32/64 and macOS now runs with the latest version of the Qt libraries (5.9).

We also would like to thank all the persons who support us with donations which help us to buy the hardware we need for QET:

The computer to builds the QET packages (Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, macOS) is now powered by an AMD Ryzen R 7 1700X.
The compilation times are divided by 2!

The old PC configuration AMD FX 8350 for packaging was given to Jushua to carry on the developement of QET.


For the next release, the following implementations are planned:
conductors with 2 colors, revamp of the handles of basic shapes (still causing bugs sometimes), better implementation of the zoom beyond folio frame, etc.