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I had a costumer here and he was amazed about QET.
He really like the way one can click a xref and be immediately taken to that part on another page.
I use folio refs extensively, own elements for page references from a summary plan to the various electric cabinets, etc.

He like me to draw project in QET and he can then nicely surf around in it clicking links.

BUT it is too easy to alter the drawing by mistake.

He would welcome if QET could be started in view only mode, wher eit is impossible to move any object, change any text etc, but click all kinds of links and see element and conductor properties.

(alternatively or even better if pdf export could have working folio and xref links but i believe that is much more work)


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No the problem is, when you are in read mode only you can't use XREF links and other for navigate.

But I can disable record actions, users can close projects without being able to save.nomicons/grin

Try rev 4873, please !


Humm, I see where you want to go, and in the future you want us to add something to store a password in the XML file project to protect it in writing? nomicons/tongue


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That was lightning quick nomicons/smile thanks nomicons/smile

IMO, No password etc please, i dont understand why some programs add that, there are lots of standalone and system integrated encryption and validation functions around...

Yes write protect is better than nothing (it is easy for user to write protect a file in linux, but unfortunately maybe not yet easy in other OS - yet!)

One problem with solution in 4873 is that user must remember to enable the function before accidentally saving over the original.

Could it be placed in project properties instead?

It need some clever logic then to be able to save the original with save disbled. Pseudocode:
At save request:
 IF that flag have been changed since file was opened: allow save
 ELSE read the flag to see if save is allowed.


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Yes, it 's the quickly solution I found with time limited !
It 's easy to make a button to render project in read only, but you can't use links for navigate.
And no when I wrote and delete after this : use chmod 444 for change file on read only isn't the solution, yes user can't modify project but it can't use reports and Xrefs links for navigate.

One problem with solution in 4873 is that user must remember to enable the function before accidentally saving over the original.

Perhaps we can colorize displayed project title in diagram view when it 's on this mode, or other things.

Could it be placed in project properties instead?

This is the same problem, if user forgot it !

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Could it be placed in project properties instead?

This is the same problem, if user forgot it !

No: because the designer (i.e me) can make that setting before sending the documentation (project file)

The customer (i.e electrician or machine user) only have to install QET and open the file and it will be write protected.

No need for me to tell them how to set something in a program they heve never used, and maybe they will forget to do it anyway.

IF they want to save changes they can search for (i.e phone me) and change that checkbox

IF i forget to set it write protected i can phone them and guide them to do it, or send a protected file.

EDIT:  Plus this solution do not affect the saveability of other project files - as it is per project and not QET global.


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Well, I see this tomorrow, if I have a little time.


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Need more work than previous patch and more free time to make it which I don't have !

We are looking to prepare tagging 0.6 RC1 for soon.
Add this request on the wiki, or in bugtracker. 

Btw, if you install this version with protect files, you need to select and deselect this checkbox in QET settings for record your project the first time !


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I understand.
Looking forward to 0.6 release nomicons/smile
Will add in bugtracker.


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Well, I prefer remove it, a project protection flag in XML is more better, and don't panic new users if can't record their projects.


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For now remove or make it default unchecked.

Best - when time allow - is to make it work not globally, but instead by project, saved in project file, like my suggestion.