Topic: Is there a way to import a list of Folio to create them?

Let's say you have a list (.csv - semicolon separated - or other format) of defined Plant (=) and Location (+) that are supposed to be unique pages / Folios -

Titles are specified in the list - is there a way to import this to created empty Folios in the Project - or do you have to Create New Folio (Ctrl + T) for all?

Thanks for any assistance. nomicons/smile

Re: Is there a way to import a list of Folio to create them?

Hello, no you can't.
I'm curious to know in what case you need this ?

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Re: Is there a way to import a list of Folio to create them?

Hi Joshua


> looking for way to specify to team (who will be drawing schematics, which folios should be produced/drawn)

TL section;

(I scrolled through most forum posts, I can see you've put quite some effort into QET, nice work...)

My background 10+ years working customer side in mid-sized company - operations/maintenance for large industrial sites (20 + sites, 250 meters of paper documentation in shelves, tens of thousands of electronic files), 500 + companies who deliver goods/services, thousands of people on contact list to get things done... Whennever something breaks, there is a rush to get it back in operation.

- There is an issue where subvendors / suppliers are delivering bad quality documentation and bad design for certain types of installations.

- To mitigate/address this issue, we are considering delivering a already pre-made, generic schematics for certain types of installations we want them to deliver (as part of request for quotation / asking for bid). I am looking into perhaps using QElectrotech to be the selected choice as E-CAD software to make such schematics. I am familiar with a handful of "large scale" softwares, such as EPLAN, AutoCAD Electrical, COMOS aso - as our "major suppliers" use these.

However, we are looking for something more lightweight / without all the hassle - and QElectrotech appears the most promising choice available.

- We work on two "scales"
Small scale; For the use intended for QElectrotech
Large scale; complete documentation of all installasions on-site < vendor/supplier specific software of choice, we are too small as customer to affect what the suppliers use

I translated / made a generic HTML file showing what I mean regarding Folio creation based on import of list.

EDIT: Forum didn't like html format, could not upload - uploaded as images/screenshot instead

This would be used to specify to the one who is drawing which Folios need to be created.
Yellow would be the resulting Folios.
Blue > choices/different from site-to-site
Red > cannot be created by QElectrotech or has to be created manually - (or by plug-in)

I can survive having to create Folios manually, was just wondering if there was something I'd missed
(Yes, I've read the docs - cover to cover - and watched all the videos)

Thanks for a great piece of software!

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Re: Is there a way to import a list of Folio to create them?

Tip if any one else has the same need:
Found a (quite obvious, when the brain is working) and quick / easy way to create empty folios - from a list - >> edit the QET file in a text editor.
Just copy and paste the <diagram> section until </diagram> and change the title or other metadata.