Topic: element terminals not printing


If I print or create a pdf the terminals on a self created elements are not printed.
There are little gaps between the connecting wires and the element.

I've noticed that in existing elements there are lines behind each terminal.
Why are the terminals themselves not printed?

Is this a bug or intended behavior?
I am using version: QElectroTech V 0.90-DEV+8547940ab on a Linux Debian based system.

From my point of view it is a lot of unnecessary work to draw a line behind each terminal.

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Re: element terminals not printing

Hello Arjan.Bok
in the print menu you can choose whether the connections should be printed or not. Maybe this will help you.


Re: element terminals not printing

I completely overlooked this in the printing dialog.

Did notice some terminals on my element were still not visible after I selected this. It turned out these terminals were placed slightly off-grid.