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Hi ,
I am using latest version of Python 3.10 and I have downloaded and followed the instructions to be able generate terminals from the plugin menu.

I installed qet_tb_creater from command prompt
I also installed pyqt5 from command prompt

When I pressed the "Laucnh terminal......" menu the error I get that the same instructions.
I also check the files qet_tb_generator exe file was created in scripts folder.

what I missed any one can give me a feedback.


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if you install qet_tb_generator exe no need to install python, just put exe file in your QET home, see : … .cpp#n2260

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Hi Scorpio810 (sorry I dont know your name)

To give a help for otheruser  I am explaining:
I downloaded the qet_tb_generator-1.1.6.exe file
I put the exe file under C:\Program Files\QElectroTech
I re-open the QElectroTech then this is activated.


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As a supplementary note: Your
procedure refers to Microsoft Windows.

In Linux, it must be installed in the home directory.

On all operating systems, the user account must have appropriate read and write permissions to the Terminal Generator directory and the
file must be executable.

Re: Eroor lunching qet_tb_generator … aster/dist … 966#p14966