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Hello All,

This is my first time using QElectrotech, and I am already enjoying using it.

I tried using the manufacturers articles > Omron...but only the CJ1M and CJ2M's plc are available, also there is no HMI listed. 
Is it possible to include CP1E plc's and NA HMI?

Or maybe it is already thee, and I just could not locate it.  Kindly point me to the correct location, if there is already.

Thank you very much.


Re: Manufacturers Articles - Omron PLC and HMI


some Omron 2D cad views converted DXF, edit this items.

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Re: Manufacturers Articles - Omron PLC and HMI


What kind of HMI do you need?
Maybe it's available as 3D Step or 2D DXF from the Manufacturers Download Area or Product Page.

If you need help to convert it to the desired file format don't hesitate to ask for help, I'll try to help and what's possible.

Best Regards