Topic: BUG: Choosing Color in element editor

When choosing a color for box fill in the element editor, something weird seems to happen.
If I see correctly, the correct color is chosen, but the claimed selected choice (color name) is the previous color in the list.
This is for both the line as well as for the fill colors.

Of course in this case a pic would say more than 1000 words, but a partial screenshot is not possible, because the color selection box clashes with the screenshot app.

0.9-dev, czech l10n

Funny the color selection works for the colors listed before the line separator.
For the colors after the line separator it is one off (-1). For the first color after the line separator, the selection remains empty.

But the actual color applied seems to be from that one selected.
It might be that this is merely a localization problem and the strings are 1-off. There are some bugs in the localization (like completely wrong color name "pink" amidst "blue" shades).