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Topic: Feature request: Flip/mirror element in a folio

EDIT: I see this is a duplicate of "viewtopic.php?id=2027" I am trying to precise the question here in a more detailed manner and ask about the possibility of making this a new feature.

Dear All,

I have been enjoying using QET and have a question.
Is it possible to flip/mirror element in a folio? Do you think it would be a good feature to have?
I attach a mirror operation example with the desired outcome which I made with a graphics program.

This approach is used in KiCAD, where every component from the library can be flipped horizontally or vertically in a project sheet (total 4 ways to place it per each component). This way no "artificial"  flipped components are necessary in the library.

I read the documentation but only found "rotate" feature. I also read about Transformation Matrix for Element Editor: https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … mp;login=1 But I think it serves different purpose and it exists in the element editor only right now. 

I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you for your time devoted to this case.

Best regards,

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Re: Feature request: Flip/mirror element in a folio


this is a good Idea. nomicons/smile