Topic: two (2) settings of preferences

I want to run the version 0.8 in parallel with the version 0.9 but with a different setting for the collection database both for user and general collection.

Is there a way to do?

I have the version 0.8 installed
and the 0.9 on USB drive but when changing the configuration this changes for both versions.

Re: two (2) settings of preferences … config-dir

Re: two (2) settings of preferences

I suppose I have to put this option in the file Lancer QET.bat

but It does not seem to work

what should the setting be if I would have the following folders:

custom elements:  C:\Users\Lieven\Documents\Personal\AREI\AREI_DB
common elements: C:\Users\Lieven\Documents\QTECH_DB

Re: two (2) settings of preferences

Like I read in this page for the ready to use version there is a config.dir.
I have put this version on the USB drive but there is no config.dir
And I have no idea how to do this