Topic: Cable column error

I use version 0.80 DEV + 6c84b5558d79751d3. I'm having problems with the 1.1.7 block generator! The CABLE column is blank. I also tested with 1.1.5 and had the same result.

I tested with the version of 0.90-DEV + 0424eb9fbc957a06d79751d3, but the results were the same.

I started a new project and the block generator loads the number in the CABLE column.

I tried to rebuild the cables, but I was unsuccessful. Please help me to solve this problem. Manually typing the numbers individually into the terminal block takes a lot of time that I don't have.

I thank you for your attention. Thank you very much.

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Re: Cable column error

I think it has to do with the user's library. When I use the terminal of the qet library, it works.