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Topic: Potential first time user with some use-case questions


I'm an electrical engineer based out of the Bay Area, CA. In the last 4 years I've worked at robotics startups where the teams are super small, documentation is usually limited and not much time can be dedicated to it. So far all the CAD software I've tried made for this sucks - they take far too long to set up and use.

I recently found Qelectrotech and I'm wondering if it could be a great solution to trying to produce system wiring schematics quickly and easily.

One of the main things I'm looking for is a built-in way to handle connectors like a 40-pin bulkhead connector, connecting a panel to the rest of the system (multiple solenoids, etc). I can't seem to find any examples containing connectors in any of the pre-packaged examples. I need a way to quickly place down connectors, have the pins be rearrangeable and split up into multiple connector symbols, and preferably still associated with one another. Is this possible? I included a picture as an example which I quickly threw together with just text labels and drawing tools.

I'd love to hear your feedback as to whether or not this tool should be used for this purpose.


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Re: Potential first time user with some use-case questions


maybe see https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 6394#p6394

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Re: Potential first time user with some use-case questions

A related side note about drawing complete systems and avoiding neeing to learn and rely on several programs:

QET is perfect for documenting all systems of a machine: electric, pneumatic, fluid, program blocks can all be in same project, and you can link the various parts - so the fluid valve on the pipe drawing  is linked to the position sensor in electric schema, and the pneumatic cylinder operating it on the pneumatic schema.  The pneumatic valve for the cylinder is linked to its coil on electric schema.  The power part of a VFC on a power electrics drawing is linked to its signal part on the control schema.  Etc...  Symbols are rather easy to create, so i have drawn the specially designed bioreactor vessels like they look like for real, as well as electrical parts, and electronic components to my taste.  (Not complete and tidied for sharing, but i draw when i need them)