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Topic: New version launched (v.1.1.5)

Hi. A new version is available.

* If the terminal name has spaces, are trimmed (avoid mistakes).
* Now the terminal name could start by '-' or any other character. Before only letters were allowed.
* Changed the text in help's tab.

- To update in Linux: sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade qet_tb_generator
- To update in windows: python -m pip install --upgrade qet_tb_generator

Re: New version launched (v.1.1.5)


Debian Buster, Unstable (64-bits).
Ubuntu (Bionic, Xenial, Disco, Eoan) (32 and 64-bits) packages is availables

A Windows 32 package for user under ReadyToUse :
https://download.qelectrotech.org/qet/b … 1.5_32.exe

Update Github qet_tb_generator repository and rebuild  snap --edge qelectrotech include latest qet-tb-generator-1.1.5.

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Re: New version launched (v.1.1.5)

Thank you very much ! Good job !