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I'm new in using this software and worked with it a few hours. I want to auto-number my elements but I can't get it to work. I have viewed video's on youtube and read the manual but whatever I try it doesn't seem to function.

I have a folio with a few conductors and two magneto thermal circuit breakers (fuses). I try to auto-number these fuses. When I go to the auto numbering section under project properties I make a new rule under elements called fuse.
I want to number my fuses as F1, F2, etc. The formula I get is F%sequ_1. This formula I copy into the fled "label formula" of the two fuses. I expected to see F1 and F2 by the fuses but it just shows the formula. What am I doing wrong?


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Have you selected your fuse rule in Auto numbering selection widget before drad and drop your fuses to diagram?


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Hi, yes I did. Strange thing is, if I insert a normal fuse or a relay coil the auto numbering is working?!


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Hi, yes, create many rules dependending on symbols you want to autonum, like rule fusers, rules terminals, rules circuit breakers, rules for conductors, etc, and select in the widget the rule you want to apply before drag and drop element.


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That's the strange thing about it. It seems to work for all parts I tried, except for the magneto thermal circuit breaker.


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The magneto thermal circuit breaker is a official QET element ?


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Yes it is.