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Topic: versionmix

Hello it is crazy, yesterday evening I created a drawing with the version QElectroTech V 0.51-dev + svn4781. This morning I wanted to open the drawing and had the version V 0.5 without an update made. Remnants of an old installation may be present?. A few days ago I had the same
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Re: versionmix

hey Calypso,

I had the same problem yesterday as I started my work day: I saw the old splash screen and then QET v0.5 started nomicons/wassat

It appeared AFTER I made a system update.

I though it was a problem of my computer but obviously not!
Maybe was the ppa repository offline and the automatic update routine decided to install the version of the official repos?!?

To get the v0.51, I had to type in a terminal:

sudo apt remove qelectrotech qelectrotech-data qelectrotech-examples

and then:

sudo apt install qelectrotech qelectrotech-data qelectrotech-examples

Re: versionmix

Strange when pinning is enabled !

https://qelectrotech.org/wiki_new/doc/i … tu_pinning