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Topic: title block - adjust text size

hi all,

after working in title block definition I found that removing the check of adjust text size removes in the "code" of the titleblock file the hadjust="true" field instead of changing it to hadjust="false".

When it is opened again and as there is no hadjust field, qelectrotech takes it as hadjust="true".
To keep adjust size disabled the only way is to manually edit the title block file and add hadjust="false" to all fields or if there is a hadjust="true" change it to hadjust="false"

if you have any fields set to hadjust="false" once the titleblock is manipulated again with the title block editor it will remove all the hadjust="false" (that is the same of having a hadjust="true")

QElectroTech V 0.51-dev+svn4696
Compilation : GCC 4.9.4 - built with Qt 5.7.0 - run with Qt 5.7.0