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Topic: Convert a CSV file into a elmt file

Open a CSV file
click on load csv file into table


After loading into table you can select the items that have to be converted

define the header line and background color
the start line of the data
and after how many linesto split into a other elmt file

on the bottom table you can select with 1 and 2 witch colums are used, you can specifie the width for each colum
and also the text height

the click on CSV create ELMT
and then on save as elmt (it saves all the created tables into separated elmt files)


Re: Convert a CSV file into a elmt file

this is what I was searching for year, please reupload images.

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Re: Convert a CSV file into a elmt file

https://download.tuxfamily.org/qet/buil … -07-18/64/