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First, as usual, a short summary of the work accomplished since the previous news:

  • Our elements collection now provides 1642 elements within 251 categories

  • Our translators worked hard (you can follow statistics on http://qelectrotech.org/wiki/doc/transl … raductions ) so we can announce that, beyond the application itself, the elements collection will be fully (or mostly) translated to the following languages: English, French, Czech, Polish, Italian, and probably Arabic too.

  • The "zoom content" action was added to the diagram editor

  • Symbols drawn on singleline conductors now feature a "PEN" option, which enables users to merge neutral and ground symbols.

  • Also, conductors could be rendered with either a solid or dashed line; a third style was added: dashdotted line.

  • A handy "Set current date" button was added to the diagram properties dialog

  • The elements panel was slightly refined: it does not hang the application anymore, it gets refreshed in some specific cases and its context menu now features extra actions to interact with real files behind the displayed tree

  • We also added actions in the context menu of selected items so they can be easily edited.

  • One of the biggest technical change is that we began implementing what we call a "decorator" for the element editor, i.e. the ability to have a shiny rectangle around the selected primitives that lets you move and resize them in a friendly way. Unfortunately, it is still riddled with bugs at the moment and it may even not appear in the next release due to the second part of this news item.

As usual, one may notice that it was a long time since the previous news. This bad habit is mainly due to QElectroTech not being my main occupation at all. And, today, this is going to go a bit further, because I, Xavier, main developer of the QElectroTech project, have decided to definitely stop working on it. I first announced (and explained) it via a mail sent to our internal mailing list, which you can read here: English version, French version.
This is of course no good news for you users since "main developer" was actually meaning "single really involved developer".
In concrete terms, this means that the remaining members of the project (contributors to the elements collection, casual developers, translators) will have to organize in order to take over the whole project. To this end, I can announce right now that the project is officially looking for one to several C++/Qt developers, able to dive in the existing code, grasp its abilities and limits, and keep the adventure going.
Until then, a noticeable slowdown is to be expected, especially regarding the release of the long-waited 0.3 version.

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Re: Some bad news...

Yeah, bad new... But this is an opensource project so,
help us to keep this project alive !! We have really need of several C++/Qt developers.
it's a very good challenge for a new developers that have time for an open source project.

This is an true alternative to some propietary projects like AutoCAD, SEE electrical...!