Topic: 0.3 beta: work in progress


Here is a short summary of the work accomplished since the release of the 0.3 alpha version:

  • Slightly changed the way the SQLite-based elements cache works to avoid problems with distributions packages.

  • Dropping a file(.qet, .elmt, .titleblock, ...) onto a main window now opens that file.

  • Fixed text position bugs that occurred when changing font size or dropping elements onto diagrams. This is the very kind of bugs that makes us release alphas, betas, etc.

  • Fixed a bug related to application configuration data being saved to project files.

  • Fixed a few UI consistency problems.

  • Added a "+" button to add a new diagram to an edited project.

  • Project tabs now have a close button.

  • Reworked the project properties dialog. It now enables users to set project-wide variables/properties, which can of course be used in title block templates. In case you wonder, same-name diagram-wide properties override their project-wide counterparts.

  • Reworked the way file saving works: the save button now saves all diagrams. Attempts to close the project will pop up a dialog showing all modified diagrams instead of asking many questions in a row. The internal working has also been slightly changed, so that QElectroTech will not systematically rewrite an opened file anymore.

  • We also began working on printing issues: page setup parameters are now saved in the application configuration for each used printer.

While the TODO list for the 0.3 beta version keeps shrinking, we do not have any planned date for its release yet. Stay tuned :-)