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Topic: QElectroTech V0.100.0-dev - element prefix [SOLVED]

Hi guys,
First message on this forum. I am playing around with this great software.

When defining auto-numbering for elements, the forumula uses a %prefix variable. I am wondering where does the variable "element prefix" come from. I mean where is it defined/set?


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Re: QElectroTech V0.100.0-dev - element prefix [SOLVED]

Hi stephane,

prefix it 's used with this file: https://github.com/qelectrotech/qelectr … labels.xml

See: https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 389#p18389

Best regards,

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Re: QElectroTech V0.100.0-dev - element prefix [SOLVED]

Following your links help me a lot to understand the relation between prefix-labels.

As suggested, I edited and added the <qet_labels.xml> in my elements directory. Generating prefix automatically works just perfectly.

Problem solved
Thx a LOT.