Topic: What is a tag?

Hi there

I'm running QET V 0.90+e3afc562b and Terminal Block Generator v1.3.1.

In the Help for qet_tb_generator it says:

- Terminals must have a tag such as <terminal_block_name>:<terminal_name>.  Etc...

But what is a "tag"?  Where do I find it?  How do I set it?

Many thanks!

Re: What is a tag?

Hi John.

tag is the name of terminal block like X11, Input, output, etc

So your terminals to be named X1:1 X1:2 X1:3 X1:4, etc ...

you understand me?


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Re: What is a tag?

Hi Laurent

Thanks for your reply.  I've been trying to find out exactly what makes it possible for the qet_tb_generator plugin to notice that a terminal exists in a project and include it in the terminal block which it compiles and after much trial and error I think I have discovered it.  Perhaps this is documented somewhere but I couldn't find it so I will write it down here for the benefit of others.

  • construct an element which contains (at least) one terminal and set its Base type to Terminal block (in Edit / Element Property);

  • add (at least) two of these to a folio;

  • make at least one connection between any two of them with a conductor;

  • if for each element the element property Label is given a value which has the correct format (something like <alphanumeric>:<alphanumeric>) then the plugin will find and list that element.

Something odd happens when I call the plugin (using Project/Launch the terminal block creation plugin) - it always throws up the error message box titled "Error launching qet_tb_generator plugin" which details how to install the plugin before it then successfully runs!

Thanks for your work on this project.  I have no experience with such a tool but first impressions tell me that this is a very comprehensive piece of work, well done!