Topic: Electricity sucks, let's play guitar instead!


Today is an important day. Today, the QElectroTech team is pleased to announce the whole project will be renamed to QMusicArt and become a music partition editor. Indeed, thanks to many external contributions, we found out that QElectroTech could be used for non-electrotechnic purposes, ranging from hydraulic to network engineering, without forgetting music. The QElectroTech team members unanimously decided to focus on the musical domain because:

  • it's cool

  • musicians always get all the chicks

  • err... it's cool, y'know?

  • have we mentioned the chicks yet?

By the way, we intend to release QMusicArt much more often we did for QElectroTech: we expect at least one stable release per month !

Well, whatever, we let you appreciate the power of QElectroTech in the music kingdom:
Thanks to Pawel for lending us his latest piece of art nomicons/wink

Edit: it was, of course, our April's fool :-)