Topic: QElectroTech version 0.9 released … 250#p17250

====== ChangeLog from 0.8 to 0.9 ======

*Diagram editor :
Improved QElectroTech speed (launch qet, open project, function)
A drop-down list has been added to the toolbar to change the size of the resize handles.

*Element Editor:
The "keep visual rotation" property of element texts is editable from the element editor.
Thanks to the work of antonioaja it is now possible to import a dxf directly from the element editor in a completely transparent way for the user.
In the background QElectroTech uses the dxf2elmt software.
Improved responsiveness when multiple shapes are selected or deleted, especially when working on a large converted DXF element. … 612#p16612

Add a "side project" tab in the "about" window.
In the general QElectroTech configuration, a drop down list allows to choose the scaling method for hdpi screens.
Allow open polygons (i.e. polylines) when saving in dxf format. … 611#p16611

Added 'Other' option for slave device contact type. … r/pull/222


Added a QElapsedTimer to calculate the time used to reload the item collection.
Improved QElapsedTimer to calculate the time used to reload the item collection in seconds instead of ms.
Added Linux pc.gpu.RAM information, but requires mesa-utils dependency on the Linux OS.
Added information about mounted disk volumes.
Added CPU architecture for which Qt was compiled in the aboutqetdialog widget and in the logs.
Added MSVC support to MachineInfo.
Added RAM information on Windows of available RAM.
Added QElectroTech version to the log file.

* Elements collection :
Improve collection 8274 elements in 1097 categories (i.e. 9371 files).

* macOS :
Fix sqlite3 database export on macOS, now I use macports with Digikam scripts instead off Homebrew Package Manager.
See: … s/macports

*Bug fix:

0.9 tarball … 0.9.tar.gz

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 0.9

Adrien Allain (2):
      * Added the m_rotate_action to qetelementeditor.ui * Adding QAction to qetelementeditor.cpp and connecting it to new slot RotateElementsCommand defined in editorcommands.cpp
      Implemented QET coding style (replaced 4 space with tab)

David Varley (1):
      Allow for open polygons (ie polylines) when saving as dxf

Gleb Popov (4):
      Add CMake option to allow using system KF5 libraries
      Add CMake option to allow using system pugixml library
      Fix CMake build when git revision can't be determined
      Add installation phase to CMake build system

Gleisson Jesuino Joaquim Cardoso (1):
      Update PT_BR translation

Jop Huttenhuis (1):
      Fixed typo

Joshua Claveau (3):
      Qet start a little more faster (especially on windows)
      Project properties dialog launch a little more faster (especially on windows)
      little fix

Kevin Tee (5):
      Update qelectrotech.appdata.xml
      Update qelectrotech.appdata.xml
      Update qelectrotech.appdata.xml
      Update qelectrotech.appdata.xml
      Fix typo.

Lars Biskupek (6):
      Modifications to SaveFile-Dialog for "Save As PDF"
      Tab-stop definitions inserted where appropriate
      Update of German language file qet_de
      Update of German Language File qet_de
      Fixed grammer issues in German language file
      Update of German language files

Laurent Trinques (149):
      Change displayedVersion = "0.90-DEV"
      Update splash to 0.9 version
      DiagramView::mouseMoveEvent remove "DEV" in toolTip message mouse     postion
      Update *TS files
      Refresh splash size
      Upgrade pugixml XML parser to 1.11 release
      Update SingleApplication to upstream master
      Add binary hungarian lang file
      Update org.kde.Platform" to  "runtime-version": "5.15"
      Flatpak change to --socket=fallback-x11
      Fix for cmake
      Minor update files
      Update Mongolian translation, thanks Nathalie
      Add MINGW flag for cmake
      Refrersh splash
      Flatpak add --socket=cups for  work with LAN printers
      Revert "Flatpak add --socket=cups for  work with LAN printers"
      Minor: update files
      Faltpak update org.qelectrotech.QElectroTech.json     see :
      Flatpak update flatpak/org.qelectrotech.QElectroTech.json
      Flatpak fix location patch
      Flatpak update org.qelectrotech.QElectroTech.json
      Try to improve HIGHDPI_SCALING
      OSX update qet_tb_generator PATH to python 3.9
      Minor update
      Update *TS files
      Update Flatpak, thanks kevinsmia1939
      Snap : try to add PySimpleGUI python-packages
      Add new ewon element, thanks Vbxler
      Add new symbols, thanks Vbxler
      Restore Wago 2206_terminals symbols
      Update *TS files
      Update of German Language File, thanks Lars
      Update *TS files
      Add Loxome symbols
      SNAP change Github source to
      Fix typo in URL
      Flatpak update qet_tb_generator to 1.3.0 version
      Add new symbols
      Add new symbol nodemcu_v3, thanks Bertus
      Flatpak: update qet_tb_generator to version 1.3.1
      Add new GCE symbol
      Update *TS files
      Update Hungarian translation, thanks Gubányi
      Add new symbols Fibaro, thanks Bertus
      minor: remove capital letters
      Minor: remove spaces in filenames
      Add Russian translation, thanks "А.Разживин"
      Fix Multiple translation in elements
      Fix Multiple translation in elements
      Flatpak : add --socket=cups see : … /issues/90
      Flatpak add --share=network
      Update translation and add cn chinese ts files
      Add new symbols, thanks Vbxler
      Rename Folder names containing the '&' character cause the PHP file _exist() function to fail.
      Rename Folder names containing the '&' character cause the PHP file _exist() function to fail.
      Rename Folder names containing the '&' character cause the PHP file _exist() function to fail.
      Rename Folder names containing the '&' character cause the PHP file _exist() function to fail.
      Improve QElapsedTimer in seconds to compute time used for reload element collection
      Add Linux pc.gpu.RAM informations,     but need glxinfo dependency
      Flatpak & AppImage : restore Sqlite3 for database export
      Change & by undferscore in  qet_labels.xml
      Minor : add informations in aboutqetdialog widget
      Add reworked pneumatic symbols, thanks Vbxler
      Remove element surpresseur_mono_hyd.elmt
      Machine_info add disk and partition informations
      Fix typo
      Add new example found on www
      Minor : machineinfo change RAM informations MB to GB
      Add new ewon elements, thanks Vbxler
      Add Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps
      Update SingleApplication and pugixml to latest upstream release
      Update Ewon elements, thanks Vbxler
      Add QPrinter::HighResolution
      In 99_assembly_plan directory change link_type="simple" by link_type="thumbnail"
      Element::Thumbnail WIP
      Element::Thumbnail WIP
      Element::Thumbnail fix for BOM pages
      Editor commands: change the rotation with the space key on the keyboard     from 90° to 15° for more precision for part lines, polygons, texts, arcs     and circles.
      Element editor : Workaround for Qt::Key_Space event not working     Use of ALT key as a replacement to rotate terminal on the fly before     placing it in the drawing.     Fix bug #262
      Fix previous workaround     Because strange behaviour with Qt::key_space if used for keyPressEvent     and also in shortcut.     Now the shortcut for the rotate action is ctrl + R and key_space to     rotate terminal on the fly before placing it in the drawing.
      Fix previous workaround     Now the shortcut for the rotate action is key_space and use key_R to     rotate terminal on the fly before placing it in the drawing.
      Add Shelly elments, thanks TheKilroy with add these on     qelectrotech-element-contrib
      Minor revamp last commit:  Add Shelly elments...
      Add new symbols
      Add new symbols
      Add new Delta As_series elements, thanks dmsque
      Add new ABB drives, thanks dmsque
      Add new eaton_moeller easy elements, thanks dmsque
      Add new symbol Telefast
      Minor refresh element abe7-h16210-11.elmt
      Add the architecture of the CPU that Qt was compiled for in widget aboutqetdialog and in the logs
      Fixed a bug with many slaves of type Other, whose XREFs overlap in list     mode
      Improve last commit
      Add Nidec Leroy-Somer Digitax HD M750 servo drive, thanks Matteo
      Update *TS files
      Update Fr translation
      Update en translation
      Update *TS file and FR & EN translation
      Fix dxf2Elmt Binary name on macOS
      Workaround to fix launch dxf2elmt binary from QET element editor menu on macOS
      update polish translation, thanks Paweł
      Refresh en translation
      Minor fix in ABB element directory
      Add symbol and improve 'Other' option for slave device contact type.
      Fix position of label XREF in 'Other' option for slave device contact     type
      Update EATOn elements, thanks dmsque
      little modify at hungarian lang file -> publish binary update
      Addd new contrôleurs TM262 of schneider, thanks Galexis
      Try to fix FTBFS on Debian Bullseye
      Try to fix FTBFS on Debian Bullseye
      Try to fix FTBFS on Debian Bullseye
      Add shorcut for moving up/down folio by 10     add new entries for moving up/down folio by 100 and shorcut
      Update translations *TS files
      Workaround to fix crash when moving element by arrows keys     @driver_item item moved by mouse and don't be moved by Element mover     Disable position x, y in statusBar when moving elements by arrows keys
      Update pugixml to version 1.13
      Add TS file for Ukrainian language
      In ISO 639-1, the Ukrainian language is "UK".     "UA" is the country code in ISO 3166-1.
      Update *TS files
      Update Ukrainian translation, thanks Yaroslav
      Add Ukrainian switch language
      Update *TS files
      Add new Translators in aboutqetdialog.cpp
      Add new Annex Projects
      Update *TS files
      Update *TS files
      Try to fix sqlite3 database export on macOS     Now I use macports with Digikam scripts     See: … s/macports
      macOS restore sqlite3 database export
      Add Qubino elements, thanks KevinarCZ
      Update Copyright date
      Add array of unicode HEX codes from a string in Ukranian: "Імпортовані     елементи", thanks Yaroslav
      Refresh splash image to 0.9 version
      Change displayed version
      Update changelog

Martin (6):
      fix compile issues
      remove not needed declaration, because the definition was already deleted. And so a linker error occured
      fix load issue
      add possibilities to fill the userProperties
      reimplement Priv function, so the ElementEditor gets called automatically

Martin Marmsoler (20):
      replace tabs by 4 spaces
      rebase XMLProperties_New (c0d9bf9) to master
      replace 4 spaces by a tab
      fix compile issues
      fix problems in partrectangle
      remove not needed variable
      initialize TerminalData with nullpoint to not having an invalid value
      default color was wrong
      fix issue when creating xml document
      Merge commit '77710e1cc5e597d06196d2ee163198176032987a'
      Merge commit '28cd389695248b56a99a417bc10640bb3e99c298'
      Add userProperties
      fix some issues
      Merge commit 'b021ac3e1fb98a56810773c7c701e3329efb3148'
      move m_change_connections to ElementItemEditor, so it must not be defined by every editor it self
      move all static xml functions to qetxml
      copy all toXML() from master commit 4b82c3a0c46e17fda42d71dc998c05e4d5c0d5f6 into the current branch, because the new concept will be used only for user properties
      fix conductor properties xml load
      fix problem that default conductor is not found
      fix compile error

Maximilian Federle (6):
      snap: Port to core20
      ci: Build edge snaps on GitHub & release to store
      snap: Remove framework snap prompt
      projectview: Re-enable appending qet suffix if not running as flatpak
      projectview: Only append .qet if not snap or flatpak
      publish edge snap: Adapt to snapcraft 7

Ole Carlsen (11):
      Danish translation updated
      Updated Danish translation
      Updated Danish Translation
      Danish translation updated
      Danish translation
      Danish translation
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Danish translation updated
      Update Danish translation
      Danish translation updated
      Danish translation updated

OlesyaGerasimenko (1):
      Update Russian translation

Olivier (15):
      Correction of the family names in IEC 60617
      IEC 60617: manual change for some "qet_directory" files.
      IEC 60617: Addition of English in "qet_directory" files.
      IEC 60617: Manual adjustment of "qet_directory" files
      IEC 60617: Rename files that had wrong names.
      IEC 60617: Correct two elements
      IEC 60617: Rename files that had wrong names.
      IEC 60617: Rename two elements that had wrong names
      IEC 60617: Correction of wrong file names
      IEC 60617: Correction of a file name
      IEC 60617: Manual changes in element names
      IEC 60617: Adding English names of elements
      IEC 60617: Modification of group names
      Redraw some switches and organize the folder a bit
      Correct a writing mistake in a name

Pawel Śmiech (1):
      Polish translation updated

Paweł Śmiech (1):
      Polish translation update

Peter Keresztes Schmidt (4):
      Refactor deeply nested statements
      Add MSVC support to MachineInfo
      DiagramContextWidget: Fix verification of keys
      Build fix for non-C++17 compatible systems

Peter Kessen (1):
      Fix german translations

Pino Toscano (3):
      Drop XML files autogenerated from qelectrotech.xml
      Drop old mimelnk MIME types
      flatpak: refresh 0001-build-Fix-the-installation-paths.patch

Simon De Backer (7):
      Add destructor to Machine_info class to fix segfault
      Fix Cmake
      [QT6] QtConcurrent its backwards now...function, object, args
      [Qt6] mod QRegExp to QRegularExpression
      [Qt6] ad QCloseEvent to Widgets
      Fix cmake user properties class
      Fix Cmake

Tadeáš Pilař (1):
      Add 'Other' option for slave device contact type

Thomas Gravekamp (1):
      Add Williams EM symbols

aitolos (2):
      Greek Language Update
      Greek Lang update

anvilex (6):
      Update qet_fr_ru.qph
      Update qelectrotech.appdata.xml
      Update qelectrotech.desktop
      Update x-qet-titleblock.desktop
      Update x-qet-titleblock.xml
      Update qelectrotech.xml

artgg7300 (23):
      translated hungarian lang file
      translated hungarian element names
      translated hungarian lang files
      translated  hungarian element names
      translated hungarian files
      little modification in hungarian language
      translated hungarian files
      add new element Dahlander motor
      add new elements and remove a old
      little modif on element
      little mod on element
      add new element AB 1734-ep24dc
      hungarian lang files
      add two new Allen Bradley elements
      add new Allen Bradley element
      add new Allen Bradley element
      delete old Allen Bradley element
      delete duplicated Allen Bradley element
      add new Allen Bradley element
      add new Allen Bradley element
      little modify at hungarian lang file
      add new sew movimot mm...d drive element
      the new Hungarian lang files

dlee99 (16):
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts
      modified:   lang/qet_nl.qm        modified:   lang/qet_nl.ts

joshua (240):
      Fix typo
      QetElementEditor : rewrite gui with ui file
      Terminal : remove unused code
      clean terminal and terminaldata class
      Add enum Type to terminalData class
      Rewrite terminaleditor with ui file.
      Remove unnecessary method
      Add element data class
      QetElementEditor : Use elementData class
      element data : add terminal type enum and terminal function enum
      Element editor : add terminal properties editable
      Element : start use ElementData
      Fix wrong element type
      Fix wrong element type
      Remove retro compatibility of element text item prior to qet 0.7
      Remove retro compatibility of element label prior to qet 0.5
      Remove retro compatibility of conductor text prior to qet 0.4
      Element collection cache remove old code
      Remove compatibility of QetShapItem from version prior to svn 4075
      Add dialog to inform user when open a non compatible project
      Mark deprecated method
      Terminal element info
      Fix crash
      Fix ftbfs on debian buster
      Forgoten revert ToXml()
      Merge branch 'XMLPropertiesNew'
      Revert "Fix for cmake"
      Revert "fix compile error"
      Revert "Merge branch 'XMLPropertiesNew'"     **Break a lot of thing.**
      Add new XML function
      Add user properties class
      Rename class Machine_info to MachinInfo
      Make MachineInfo a singleton class
      Use QStringLiteral and QLatin1String.
      Use QStringLiteral and QLatin1String.
      Use QStringLiteral and QLatin1String.
      Improve gui layout for low resolution screen
      Fix unwanted moving part in element editor.
      Element nomenclature SQL query : minor fix
      Element nomenclature sql query minor fix
      Element query widget : make code more readable
      Improve element collection loading time
      Element editor gui fix
      Element editor: make element text option "keep visual rotation" editable.
      Minor gui change
      Add terminal strip class
      Add terminal strip data class
      Add terminal strip editor widget
      Add dialog to create terminal strip + display existing terminal strip
      Add 'comment' to terminal strip
      Add "parent terminal" strip member to TerminalElement class
      Terminal strip editor display the free terminal elements
      Add undo command for add/remove a terminal strip
      Fix : undo code is executed in redo function and vice versa
      Add RemoveTerminalStripCommand class
      Terminal strip add/remove is managed by undo stack
      Initial comit to use drag and drop
      Enable drag and drop of terminal tree widget item
      Add and move terminal element to strip is managed by undo
      Set parent terminal strip of terminal element
      Display terminals owned by terminal strip in the tree view
      Improve undo command when remove a terminal strip
      Add a reload push button
      terminal strip can be saved to xml
      Read terminal strip from xml
      Fix drag and drop bug
      Terminal element can be removed from a terminal strip
      Add widgets to edit terminal strip data (WIP)
      Terminal strip can now be edited and managed by undo command
      Minor gui behavior improvement
      Avoid excessive debug outputs
      Open project is a litle more faster
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Load project from xml is a little more faster
      Minor improvement at element picture creation
      Move file
      Fix include path from previous commit
      Fix xrefproperties bug
      Change ElementData enum
      Merge branch 'master' into terminal_strip
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into terminal_strip
      Add terminalStripModel class
      Revert "Add terminalStripModel class"
      Revert "Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into terminal_strip"
      Remove position section of terminalStripModel
      Fix crash
      Remove table useless qetgraphicstableitem when model is reseted
      Minor fix : master XRef is not updated when variable %F is used
      Minor fix : slave Xref item is not updated when variable %F is used
      Minor gui change
      Table widget : led and type is editable
      terminal function can be edited, edted value is applied to element
      Double click on Xref cell show the terminal in the diagram
      Add tab "annex project" to about qelectrotech dialog
      Add annex project
      Code refactoring
      Bug fix : in some condition element are not loaded when open a project
      User can edit the label of terminal inside the terminal strip editor
      Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into terminal_strip""
      Revert "Revert "Add terminalStripModel class""
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip' into merge_confli_master_terminal_strip
      Use QLatin1String
      Use RealTerminalData struct instead of TerminalStripIndex class
      Overridden properties of terminal elements are now saved/loaded from project
      Add a push button to automatically reorder the terminal strip
      Multi-level terminal can be created.
      Level terminals can be disassembled
      Group terminals together is now managed by undo stack
      Clear code
      Ungroup terminal is now managed by undo stack
      Change the way how multi-level terminals are sorted
      Level of real terminal can be edited
      Fix some misprint
      Merge branch 'master' into terminal_strip
      Add buttons to quickly edit the type, function and led of several terminal at once.
      Merge branch 'master' into terminal_strip
      Fix wrong use of static method QUuid::fromString()
      Fix fail to build for QT version lesser than 5.14
      Remove the use of c++17 if initializer
      Fix some FTBS for older version of Qt and std c++
      Fix FTBFS for ubuntu Bionic Beaver
      Fix FTBFS for ubuntu bionic beaver
      Add terminal bridge feature
      Remove isXrefCell method...
      REmove unused method : levelCellCount
      Minor improvement for function QETApp::customElementsDir() and QETApp::commonElementsDir()
      Add possibility to user to choose hdpi round policy
      Add preprocessor to check Qt version
      Draw bridge pixmap in the tableview (wip)
      Merge branch 'master' into terminal_strip
      Make code less spaghetti
      Fix copy constructo warning
      Improve code readability
      Improve bridge edition
      Revamp RealTerminal class...... again
      Revamp PhysicalTerminal class
      Revamp terminalStrip feature code
      Change struct TerminalStripBridge to class
      Use QSharedPointer instead of QWeakPointer + remove unused include
      Fix segfault.
      Add toolbar widget for edit size of handler in diagram editor.
      Graphics item handler is bigger when overred
      Add new thumbnail element
      BugFix : default element collection path is wrong
      Merge branch 'master' into terminal_strip
      TerminalStripBridge color can be edited.
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      Minor : add undo text
      Minor Fix : undo command for unbridge strip don't work
      Minor improvement about undo/redo for bridge creation
      Fix fail to build from sources
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      Minor : don't push an undo command when change bridge color by the same color
      Fix fail to build from sources for some Qt version
      Terminal strip bridge are now save in .qet file
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      When undo an ungroup terminal command, the terminal keep the same level.
      Minor : rebuild terminal vector everywhere is needed
      Improve how real terminals are grouped
      Fix fail to build for older version of Qt
      Fix very weird bug
      minor : remove unused code
      QTreeWidget "terminal explorer" : improve item text
      Add a QElapsedTimer to compute time used for reload element collection
      Fix crash
      Change relationship betwen classes RealTerminal PhysicalTerminald and TerminalElement
      RealTerminal is created by the TerminalElement itself
      Remove the real terminal uuid, and use instead the uuid of the terminal element itself
      Revamp code, make it more simple
      Revamp code.
      Fix intensive call of updateUi when move a QetGraphicsTableItem
      Fix can't resize QetGraphicsTableItem
      Improve undo command when add/move/remove terminal in/from/to terminal strip
      Revamp code
      Add table widget and item model for free terminal
      Start to move terminal strip editor from QDialog to QMainWindow
      Add toolbar and buttons
      Add free terminal editor widget
      Change terminal strip editor class
      Edited data of terminal strip can be applied
      Hide/show apply/reset buttons according to current displayed widget
      Change made inside the free terminal table can be applied
      The free terminal properties can be edited by batch.
      Minor : avoid unnecessary multiple function call
      Fix crash
      Fix bug 244
      Fix a funny bug
      Several real terminal can be added to terminal strip in one shot
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      Fix some clazy warning
      Minor fix : wrong variable name
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      Several terminals can be removed or moved from strip in one shot
      Try to fix fail to build for old Qt version
      Remove terminal strip widget
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      Add the new element type : thumbnail
      Fix previous workaround
      Definitely fix the rotation problem 
      Fix wrong behavior when edit the element information
      Fix some warning and write more modern c++
      Nomenclature now use properly the element type 'thumbnail'
      Use QLatin1String and QStringLiteral for better performance
      Continue revamp of elementprovider
      Update some code.
      Display conductor number
      Improve opening time of terminal strip editor window
      Minor : fix little gui defect
      Improve execution time of some actions.
      Merge branch 'terminal_strip'
      Add import dxf feature
      Import dxf is managed by undo command
      Element editor : improve code
      Element editor : improve code
      Merge branch 'dxf2elmt'
      Fix fail to build from sources
      Return an empty QByteArray if something goes wrong with dxf2elmt
      Fix crash
      Improve opening time of dxf
      Element editor : Improve responsiveness when several shapes are selected.
      Element editor : improve deletion speed
      Fix crash
      Fix warning
      Remove unnecessary assert
      Remove unused include
      Fix wrong size of new element wizard on windows
      Show x:y pos when drag element in the status bar
      Minor : check if pointer is valid
      Better use of QObject inheritence
      Fix crash introduced in commit 5a057b1c2090cdb0ccd74fcb16705580fd9dfda1
      Remove minimum height of project properties dialog
      Remove terminal strip menu entry.

luz paz (7):
      Fix various typos in source documentation and comments
      Fix various typos in source documentation and comments (cont.)
      Fix various typos in source documentation and comments (cont.)
      Fix source typo 'Rigth'
      Fix source typo 'minimumRowHeigth'
      Fix source typo 'cross_min_heigth'
      Fix source typo 'Hidding'

pavelfric (3):
      Updated Czech translations of elements.
      Updated Czech translation.
      Updated Czech translations of elements.

plc-user (80):
      centered some elements on DIN-rail (allows rotating without changing Y-position)
      removed HTML-Tag 
 from some element-informations
      some Bug-Fixing of elements
      Update qet_directory
      Bug-Fixing on an element
      changed scaling of front-views to 100mm->200px
      added some additional front-views (100mm->200px)
      BugFixing, Labelling & Beautification of some elements
      some new elements
      further bugfixing and new elements
      fix typos, add translations, add elements
      add translations
      added RF-modules and front-views of MID-Counters
      fixed fonts / added schematics for MID-Counters
      fix typo in filename
      removed duplicate elements
      added translations / simplified graphics
      adjusted terminals and text / added elements
      added translations
      added element-descriptions and some elements
      added translations
      added element-descriptions
      added element-descriptions
      added/fixed translations and added elements
      moved DIN-rails to separate directory; new elements
      upgrade some elements
      removed some un-necessary line-breaks
      upgraded some elements
      upgraded some descriptions
      cleanup, upgrade descriptions, new elements
      upgrade descriptions, new elements
      more element-descriptions
      more element-descriptions / new elements
      added element-descriptions and elements
      some more element-descriptions
      declare terminals as such / more element-descriptions
      update translations and elements / added elements
      update element-descriptions
      update / add elements
      update element-descriptions
      fix typo
      update element-descriptions
      fix designations / update descriptions
      fix designations / update descriptions
      update elements / more element-descriptions
      update element-descriptions
      fix typos
      more elements and descriptions
      updated descriptions
      upgraded / added elements and descriptions
      upgraded elements and descriptions
      add terminals to thermo-couples
      fix typo
      new and upgraded elements
      upgraded elements and renamed company
      cleanup and upgraded elements
      new Analog-In - Module
      rework of some Elements an some new ones
      rework of some Elements and some new Terminals
      bugfix, rework and new elements
      cleanup, rework and new elements
      more cleanup, rework and new elements
      rework and new elements (Hager)
      changed Front-Views to "thumbnails" and added some parts "2003"
      added some parts from manufacturer "Weidmüller"
      Bugfix for "Weidmüller"-Part
      added some parts of series 2003
      changed more elements to "thumbnails"
      fix elements that could not be loaded
      some new elements
      fix formatting and number of decimals
      fix graphic-errors and descriptions
      new PLC-controllers
      added RCBO 1P+N (thanks Vbxler) and Hager-RCBO
      simplify some Hager-Thumbnails
      added Weidmüller-Couplers
      added PoE-Injectors
      added some (non-electric) accessories
      add Controller
      simplify graphics, add terminal-names

sdeffaux (7):
      Update symbols and examples
      add symbol
      update symbols
      Add symbols
      Update symbols
      Add and update symbols
      add and update symbols


Re: QElectroTech version 0.9 released

QElectroTech version 0.90  is now on Debian Unstable, thanks Martin. nomicons/wink … lectrotech

QElectroTech version 0.90 it 's also available for Fedora ≥ 35 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, CentOS, AlmaLinux, RockyLinux...), thanks Remi. nomicons/wink … rsion-0.90

FreeBSD port: … d7a3458458

Re: QElectroTech version 0.9 released

Next up in mid-February is the Debian 12 soft freeze where no new packages will be allowed and a delayed migration. One month after that in mid-March is the planned hard freeze.

The full freeze date for Debian 12 has yet to be determined.

Re: QElectroTech version 0.9 released

Version 0.9 arrives on Fedora 37
Thank you, very good job

Re: QElectroTech version 0.9 released

Hi Riesermauf,
thank you so much,
but you could also make a big thanks to Remi for packaging QElectroTech in Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, AlmaLinux, RockyLinux... and especially for his help and his many advices. ;-)

Re: QElectroTech version 0.9 released

QElectroTech 0.90 is now released on Chocolatey software management automation for Windows. (QElectroTech 0.90.7758)

Many thanks to you Erich.

Enjoy! nomicons/wink