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Topic: Wire label formulas

Hello all,

I am learning how to use qelectrotech to build panel diagrams/ladder diagrams. I have been manually labeling everything which is working fine but would like to eventually learn how to set up the auto labeling for wires, terminal points, elements and so on. I believe I may be getting confused by the structured text code some users are using.

So my first question is how do you get the simple label/text formulas to work and are the formulas different for: folio, elements, cable, wire, terminal blocks.

The one that I would benefit most from would be the wire label.

These formulas are the only ones that I seem to be able to get working:

%_sequ1 - only works sometimes

I have tried %l for the row and %c for the column but the formula only returns itself.

My second question is where do you run the code for the structured text/python. (do you need to edit files in the qelectro program folder?)

Thank you all for your help!