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Topic: Voltage sources symbols/elements

Hello again,
   Where can I find a Voltage Source element?  I have several low voltage DC sources that I am struggling to find an element for.



Re: Voltage sources symbols/elements


In the QElectrotech library are power supplies
in Electric > Allpole > Power supplies,
Symbols for voltage and current sources are in path
Electric > All Pole > Generators and Sources > Voltage and Current Sources.
Depending on the location/country/continent the symbols of the components may be
may not be suitable for the locally used standards, many of the
symbols are oriented according to European standards.

If no suitable symbols are available, they can be created with the component editor or from DXF files in DXF R14 format using the program Element DXF Converter to QElectroTECH elmt files.
The DXF files must be ASCII text files, binary DXFs are not supported at this time.

https://download.qelectrotech.org/qet/b … f_to_elmt/

Another problem is that many symbols do not have an English label and are therefore difficult to find for non-native speakers, e.g. in German language "Spannungsquelle" > in English "Voltage Source".

Many greetings