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Topic: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

When generating a nomenclature report, is it possible to include only occurrences of a specific named (simple) element?

If for example I have an element named "thing1" used within the project, is it possible to generate a nomenclature report which includes only elements of the name "thing1" ?

Thank you for any assistance.

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

Good day, yes you can filter it in many ways, if you know a bit of sql syntax, check out sqlite syntax to be exact,
Bellow is query I use to get all protection devices for motors, label contains QM.
Can test in Content tab, Request button, checkbox, sql

SELECT label, comment, manufacturer, designation, manufacturer_reference FROM element_nomenclature_view WHERE ( element_type = 'Simple' OR element_sub_type = 'protection') AND label LIKE "%QM%" ORDER BY label, comment, manufacturer

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?


Thank you for this response and information!
I know only very little sql but I do see from your example how this could be done.

Very warm regards and much thanks!

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?


I have tried this solution and it has worked well for me.

Once again, much thanks!

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Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

@vyt.sima, your solution is extremely valuable and welcome to me.
And it does provide a solution for the need which was my reason for posting.
Again, thanks to you.

In order however to be more specific I have revised the title of this thread to "nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?"

I see that the field in the table we are searching is element_type.
I am interested to know if it is possible to search for other fields.

And what then would be the name for the field which contains the Element Name?

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

Good i could help, it is possible to find out fields then adding them with "+" sign to desired fields to show.

plant - Plant
location - Location
comment - Annotation
function - Function
auxiliary1, auxiliary2 - Auxiliary
description - Textual description
designation - Article number
manufacturer - Manufacturer
manufacturer_reference - Order number
machine_manufacturer_reference - Internal number
supplier - Supplier
quantity - Quantity
unity - Unity
position - Position, coordinates in folio RowCollumn
title - Title of folio where element is
folio - Folio number where element is, display, 4/15 or smth
diagram_position - actual folio number where it is.

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

vyt.sima sir, this is most helpful!!!

I hope that your day will be happy and blessed.

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And quite by accident I discover that the nomenclature table, once inserted, is dynamic!

I did not know this until now.

To be clear...
when a nomenclature inserted into a folio includes a specific field, for example Label, if the label is revised at the element, then the displayed data in the nomenclature will change also.

I had mistakenly assumed that the nomenclature was static from the time of insertion.

This is very interesting for me indeed.

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

Yes it is dynamic, be careful as table grows it can mess up you folio numbering, it will insert needed folios sometimes, so keep some extra folios for table, or create tables after all schemes are drawn.
I use Internal number for now to filter on elements, as some elements is hard to filter on name or display data.
Internal number format is tree like definer for elements, SENSOR:IND, etc, so it is easy to filter all sensors, or all inductive sensors without worrying on display names, ad labels.

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

I note that any field will sort numerically.
It is important to express 0..9 in two digits..  01, 02, 03, etc.

This is very positive for my purposes.

Also of course it's possible to publish multiple reports on the same dataset, each sorted according to different criteria.

This also is particularly useful for me.   :-)

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

Hello Gents,

QET is fantastic app. I am so excited about this software. I created reports and it is nice how it refresh automatically... I am so happy to find QET!

for me it was easier to create SQLite query for nomenclature reports. But it is not very comfortable.
Maybe programmer can suggest me:

1. How to create querys or test them? Now if I copy my not correct query to nomenclature window it just returns nothing. Maybe there is possibility to have some error message or console from QET? Because trying to repair query is blind.

2. Second question is similar. I am trying to use different functions of SQLite. For example:
SUBSTR(folio , 1, INSTR(folio, '/')-1) finding and substacting String is working perfectly.
ORDER BY CAST(folio AS INTEGER)  works fine.

But I think not all functions is working in QET
I could not make work this query:
SELECT ROW_NUMBER () OVER (ORDER BY folio) AS 'RowNumber', unity, label, folio FROM element_nomenclature_view WHERE (unity = 'optional');

Is it possible to know which functions are working?

Thank You very much.

Re: nomenclature: possible to specify elements by name?

Hello thanks for compliments.
The best way is to export the sqlite database go to project -> export the internal project database (available only on windows and linux) open it with sqlite editor (I use this software https://sqlitebrowser.org/  but a lot of others software exist and also online editor) create and test your query when it's done copy/paste your query into QElectroTech.