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in project properties I defined few variables (project name, author, type ,etc...). I would like to add a certain variable (for example "project name")on one page of my project. How could I do this ? Is it possible ? I suppose I need something like dynamic text for showing my global variables. Something similar like dynamic text in element editor but for project variables.


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for dynamic texts you can compose only with these elementInfoKeys() variables added on your element :

              << "label"
              << "plant"
              << "location"              
              << "comment"
              << "function"
              << "tension-protocol"
              << "auxiliary1"
              << "auxiliary2"              
              << "description"
              << "designation"
              << "manufacturer"
              << "manufacturer-reference"
              << "machine-manufacturer-reference"
              << "supplier"
              << "quantity"
              << "unity";

Tittle block variables can only be used for custom Tittle blocks :
This video is now old, copy to clipbard added for variables.

BTW, you could found other interesting Videos here :


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Re: Insert text from project variable

Thank you for supporting, it seems what I want to do, cannot be done. Inserting custom title block on a folio is not supported. It is not a big thing, I just wanted to add a big title text to first (main) page with project name (defined in project properties).
Thanks anyway.