Topic: terminal generator issues

Hi everybody and first of all, many thanks for all the great works you have done.

I'm using actually Qet with 0.70 +RC1 and last update of plugin generator.

For some reason the plugin doesn't show up with my project:

Here is what i've done:

Opening my project.
Opening plug in : ok
modifying order of some terminal
generating terminals :OK
closing plugin
closing project wihtout saving
reloading project
opening plug in : the terminal are shown with new order recorded
closing plud in
made some modification on some sheets (including modification on the terminals that i re-ordered)
saving project.
trying to open plugin but not showing up.. no message, nothing.

Try to clean project. Not better.

May be i use it the wrong way.
I don't know.

Thanks for help.

Re: terminal generator issues


It seems to be related to logo as discribed in … 07&p=8

To make it work, i re-import the logo in my Title Block information Template.
Save the project and plugin works fine again.

The weird thing now is that Qet doesn't save the logo information: when i reload the project, logo is gone...

Re: terminal generator issues

Or hack .qet XML like this : … 8385#p8385

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