Topic: Presentation and a forum request

Hello to everone
I am Julio Marín, Electronic Engieneer.

I used QET some years ago and I loved it, now I would like to learn more
about it, I think that the best way is with a good manual, but it
doesn't exist yet, I would like to join you team to translate the online
QET 0.7 manual.

Some seconds here and right now requesting... :-)

I realiced that exist diferents forums: Elemts, Scripts, Terminal Block Generator...
Dear Admin, do you think that a new forum called "Translation" or "Documentation" could be usefull?? If is ti possible, if not, don't worry, I can simply open a new threat in "EN: Help, sugg...."
Thanks a lot!!

Re: Presentation and a forum request

Hi Julio,

you are welcome.
I tried to generate es po file, but I don't know if is the good way...

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