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new DXFtoQET svn4989 builds here : … 2017-7-18/

Revision: 4988
Author:   rdsivd
Date:     2017-07-14 09:10:14 +0200 (Fri, 14 Jul 2017)
Log Message:
Added some information to process the result elmt file itno a page with

dxfelmt == elmt name

dxftagg == acad value field name

for example :

dxfelmt="_elmt_" == basic elmt part
dxfelmt="ZVI-c41LIT-DEF-att" == is a elmt symbol inserted into a base
elmt file
so with these additions now it is possible to split out a converted dxf
file into seperated symbols and create a page to insert into a project
if some can rocess this information then it is posible to convert eplan
dxf files into qet pages

Revision: 4989
Author:   rdsivd
Date:     2017-07-14 13:30:39 +0200 (Fri, 14 Jul 2017)
Log Message:
dxf converter
added symbol id

dxfelmt == symbole name
dxfelmtid == identifikcation of items as parts of this inserted elmt 

symbols are identified with dxfelmt + dxfelmtid

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