Topic: Feature requests

I wonder whether these few features could be implemented in QElectroTech.  I think they would make using the program much nicer for me (and I think for many others, too).

Would it be possible to be able to use variables in any text field on the diagram?  I have tried to make a title block that does not span the whole side of the page as a regular element, but it is annoying and error-prone to update all the fields each time something changes.  Also, could one of the variables accessible be the date when the file was last saved (although my preferred format would probably not match yours)?  Then I could know the date shown in the title block was right.  In case my wording is unclear, you can see several examples of similar title blocks at … _templates

Also, when I create a coil/contact cross reference, I prefer not to see any other annotation than the element name (like the contacts/cross that can be next to the element or in the footer).  I am using the trick of setting one of the xml properties to EMPTY in the elmt file of the slave (that I saw somewhere in the forum archives), but I would prefer to know that future versions would not break that hack.  Would it be possible to have an option in the element editor to hide the cross-reference information?

Thanks for your consideration.