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Thanks very much for your quick response. I'm new here and would like to commend you on the quantity and the quality of the work you guys have put into this project.

I had a look for the "qet_label" file but could not find it. I'm looking in the ready to use version if that makes any difference?

If you can please point me in the right direction I will try and help with this problem.

I checked versions against each other and see that the qet_label.xml file appears in a different position between version; can you confirm the correct place for the newer versions please?

Thanks in advance.


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After trying every fix I can find in the forums I can't get the prefix to appear on items from the standard elements library.
At this stage I just want to achieve basic functionalities before I move on to creating my own elements.

I have uninstalled the software, removed all registry keys and hidden Windows directories and tested previous portable
versions. I have found that going back to version 0.61 it works perfectly; a coil picks up the K prefix perfectly from the xml file.

All later versions do not pick up the prefix. I understand the rest of the label creation but the prefix is an essential element.

So my question must be what is different 'out of the box' between version 0.61 and the later versions?