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thanks, this versions 0.7 for WinXP runs well


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thanks, this version runs well.

[size=1][font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Old 0.7 version for XP[/font]

But is supposed that file "qelectrotech 0.70-RC2 r20190702034d79751d3.dmg" runs in old versions of macOX, right?

Apple support says there is not longer available iOS upgrading due to the mac is from 2009.


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i'm running windows XP in "parallels" mode using cleverbridge software.


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Nom del model: iMac
Identificador del model: iMac9,1
Nom del processador: Intel Core 2 Duo
Velocitat del processador: 2,66 GHz
Nombre de processadors: 1
Nombre total de nuclis: 2
Memòria cau L2: 6 MB
Memòria: 4 GB

Velocitat del bus: 1,07 GHz
IOS "EL CAPITAN" ver. 10.11.6 ...and there is not upgrade or actualiztion avaible to this Mac.


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Hi, actually I tried to install in Windows but a pop message appear demanding the file dwmapi.dll and sugest to reinstall. I did it, but problem persist. Can you help me?

I tried to install the "qelectrotech 0.70-RC2 r20190702034d79751d3.dmg" in a MAC with OS X El Capitan (ver. 10.11.6) but a pop message appear demanding later version. Please check compatibility of the dmg file. I really appreciate your fast answer.