I'm trying to use the Project -> "Launch the terminal block creation plugin" and I get the usual "Error launching get_tb_generator", if I find the plugin in the python folder and lunch the .exe that seems to be opening the "open file". what's the location for that .exe if I put it in its place it should work, just dunno where to put it.

Hi Scorpio810,
I'm using Windows 10 Pro (OS build 19042.746) / QElectroTech V 0.80-rc+c592b7a7fc957a06d79751d3
Compilation : GCC 9.3.0 / Python 3.9

Hi I've followed the steps got a successful installation but when launching from the menu "Project" I get the same installation required notification. using the Dev 0.80.

Still, that doesn't allow to modify let's say fonts of multiple items if you'd select different labels and say want to change the font size from 2 to 9, you'll have to do that on label 1, then label 2, then... label 3:-) and so on. Any options for that option?


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Is Autosave option available?

Ok Seems to be monitor dependant.

Hi All, I'm having a strange issue (I'm new here so Hi All;-) ), the graphics of let's say a three phase breaker seems to be a bit smaller than the connection points.