perfect thanks!!!
now, and sorry for my inconvenience; in text field i can use crossreference in textfield?

I did tests and it only allows me to use the references (for example %author) in the elements (circuit breaker, contact, etc)


Ok perfect. it's a solution.

but now I do not know how to export to csv. in the options I have png, jpg, bmp, svg and dxf. I use windows


My version is 5.10.1.

I need make my own list of folios because default list its too long. I need only the Tittle of folio and folio number. 
In other version (0.4), this list of folios it was created in two columns, what occupies less space.

I think created textfield and write one by one the all folios in the scheme

ok thanks.

if posible make a crossreference in the "textfield"??or only in label of elements?

Hi!i'm new in forum.

I can ask: it's possible change or modify the "List of Folios"??i need erase some column. 

thanks and regards