Thanks Scorpio,

Enjoy the beach! nomicons/smile For me vacation is over ant it's already work time again:'( 

Hope to see your patch in a future release.
Until then I'll just have to remember to move the list of folio's up before printing.


Hello Scorpio,
Thank you for the quick response.

I've searched around before I posted my question and had crossed the same post you refer to, but I am not sure I quite grasp the concept.
I understand now it is hard coded in the software to move the 'list of folios' always to be the second sheet in the project, but I don't understand why.

I use QElectrotech on both a windows machine and a mac on different locations. This means I have to fiddle with the source code and rebuild on both machines and also repeat this each time the software is updated?
Why not make the list of folios behave like a normal page, or make it possible for the user to set desired behavior (always first, second, or last etc.) in the global or project settings?

Hello, I would like my list of folios in a project to be the first sheet, but is always placed on the second position.
If I move the list to first position, save and reopen the project, the list always returns to the second position.

Is this a bug of some kind I am experiencing?