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0000193QElectroTechtranslationpublic2020-07-14 13:53
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Summary0000193: Error in italian traslate
Descriptionin italian version I found under Generale/progetti

- Sentence in francais: " Position de la liste des....."
- Word non correct "Salvatoaggio", word correct is "Salvataggio" without "o"
Steps To ReproduceCOnfigurazione/configura Electrotech/ Generale/ Progetti
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2020-07-14 09:53


Cattura.JPG (43,133 bytes)   
Cattura.JPG (43,133 bytes)   


2020-07-14 13:05

administrator   ~0000427

You could help Silvio for translation if you know GIT a little.


2020-07-14 13:33

reporter   ~0000428

Happy to help you, I will learn GIT..


2020-07-14 13:53

administrator   ~0000429

An easy solution is to get latest source on Github

Get qtcreator for your OS :

Open lang folder in QET and click on qet_it.ts file is open qtlinguist

Comment to translate are in french in code you could help you with open english translation tab to see english comment translated

After translate, save and publish and send me qet_it.ts and qet_it.qm files.

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