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0000109QElectroTechDiagram Editorpublic2020-09-13 15:54
ReporterMorganol Assigned Toblack_sun  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformQt5.6.1, kf5.27.0, Plasma5.8.1, OSLinux 4.8.2, gcc 5.4.0, OS VersionMageia 6 (devel)
Product VersionSVN/trunk 
Summary0000109: We need some method to set limiting width in HTML text/table automatic line wrapping and some other formatting start working.
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2020-09-13 15:54

developer   ~0000453

Les textes html sont géré par le framework Qt et non pas QET, nous n'avons pas la main dessus.

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