QElectroTech MacOSX

This page includes all the team knowledge on compiling and executing QElectroTech MacOS X. The developer does not have an Apple computer, we do absolutely nothing as guarantee the proper functioning of QElectroTech MacOS X .

Tested on El Capitan (10.11).

Preparing the environment

Compiling a C ++ program: XCode

To have a C ++ compiler and the make tool, you must install Xcode (launch the app at least once to complete the installation).

Vérifications :

# Open a console; make utility must be present :
NameOfMachine:~ your_user$ make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

Compiling a C ++ program / Qt: Qt5.x

Download and install Qt for Mac OS:

  • Go to Qt project
  • Answer the questions :
    1. Is your application or device being developed for : Open source distribution under a LGPL or GPL licence
    2. Are you prepared to make your application source code publicly available : Yes
    3. Are you able to comply with the obligations of the LGPL (or GPL) and/or does your corporation allow open source usage ? Yes
    4. Get Started
    5. Download now (Le QT Online installer for OS X)
  • Download and install Qt5.x sdk

PS : If you have this error message:

Go to / System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General.

And select “Anywhere”

__ Indicate the Qt environment variables bash:

  1. Show hidden files (using Onyx for example)
  2. Open file: /Users/Yoann/.bash_profile
  3. add (adapting the version number):

<code> # Setting PATH for Qt5.5 PATH=“/Users/Yoann/Qt/5.5/clang_