Installation of the QElectroTech development version on Ubuntu/Mint

This document describes the procedure to install the development version (0.51) of QElectroTech on Ubuntu (Nightly builds).
The stable versions of QElectroTech under Ubuntu : 0.4 for Wily, and 0.5 for Xenial are available directly from the official Ubuntu repositories (use the Software Center or Synaptic).

PPA Ubuntu 0.60 version

This PPA provides 32 and 64 bits packages of the stable version for the distributions Xenial, Wily, Vivid and Trusty.

QElectroTech PPA

Add the PPA repository

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:scorpio/ppa

Ubuntu pinning

The following entry assigns a high priority to all versions of the QElectroTech package beginning with 0.60. :
This way, your system will download the higher package version from the ppa and not those from the official Ubuntu repositories.

Create manually the file 40qelectrotech-devel in /etc/apt/preferences.d/ and add these 3 lines:

Package: qelectrotech*
Pin: version 0.60.*
Pin-Priority: 1001

Then, update the cache of your system:

sudo apt update


sudo apt install qelectrotech qelectrotech-data qelectrotech-examples

That's it, QElectroTech should correctly be installed. Run it via the command “qelectrotech”.
If your desktop environment follows the standards, QET
should also appear in its menus and the .qet and .elmt files should be opened by default by QElectroTech.

PPA version 0.8-dev

This PPA provides 32 and 64 bits packages of the current development version for the distributions Xenial, Artful.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scorpio/qelectrotech-dev

Pinning upgrade (sed):

sudo sed -i 's/'"version 0.70.*"'/'"version 0.80.*"'/' /etc/apt/preferences.d/40qelectrotech-devel

Then, update the cache of your system:

apt-get update


apt-get install qelectrotech qelectrotech-data qelectrotech-examples