The procedure below for those who want to reach us.

You want an contributor account to send your translations directly in trunk?

Subscribe to Tuxfamily

One, you do to subscribe to Tuxfamily: by example just ask : I want to
join QElectroTech project, after send me an email or by forum, i just need your login
(username subscription) for create your account to Qet GIT and mailing list.

Two, login to the Tuxfamily panel with your user login and password
In your preferences, select the shell you want to use (for example:/bin/bash)
Wait for at least 10 minutes

After, i valid your account in QET project and add you to GIT group.
You could download trunk Subversion branch for working (wait my email or by forum),
In a terminal download a local copy of GIT master branch:

Download GIT sources

Change login by your Tuxfamily login !

git clone ssh://

Accept new ssh key by write yes and enter.
Enter your password (it may ask you three times for the first download).
In this working directory, open file to translate, save, and publish it (for Qt liguist).

git pull

See files who have changed.

git status

Add your changes in lang/ folder example here for turkish translation:

git add qet_tr.ts qet_tr.qm 

Commit your change :

git commit -v

command in terminal, is open a text editor like vi, vim, nano, etc
enter a message like this : Update Danish translation.
Close and save, by ctrl + x if is nano.

Push your commit to master branch.

git push origin master

now enter your password to upload your commit