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scorpio810 wrote:

Is ok now.
I added you to subversion and ML.
If you have questions, just ask.

I do now because for the last couple of weeks I have not been able to login to svn.tuxfamily.org. The password is correct and if I run the ssh connection with -vvv it doesn't seem like that is the issue. At first I thought it was due to a HDD breakdown I could they had but that should have been fixed by them by now. Any help or suggestion??


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Hi OSSau2mation,

I thought it was fixed, it 's work here on my machine since friday at night, but like Dik in Netherlands can't connect always today,  I think it's the same for other countries.

SCM access issues
Posté le vendredi 17 mai 2019, à 18:36 UTC

We are currently having issues with SCM accesses due to a hard disk failure.

No data is lost, the issue does not affect data storage. We managed to restore ssh access, Git and Subversion anonymous access. Web anonymous access (gitweb, svnweb) will be back later.



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I get information and come back to you.


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If you can like Dik send me by email your translations I upload for you files to SVN.nomicons/smile


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It works again so I will just update the Danish translation and everything is fine again :-)


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Great ! ;-)