Re: Critical error

If it's not already the case, download the last QElectroTech version (0.7 rc1) and check again if you got the directory at


to be sure the directory will be created, launch QElectroTech and open an existing project (not create a new one).

Another thing to test, launch QElectroTech open an existing project (make a copy before to avoid a new lost) then open the system monitor of windows and force QElectroTech to close (at the point of view of QElectroTech, it's like a crash).
Then relaunch QElectroTech, a dialog should appear and ask you to open a backup file.


Re: Critical error

Good day.
Now I understand why I do not have this folder. nomicons/laughing I have now installed QElectroTech V 0.70-dev+svn5733. Now I have another question. What will happen when installing a new version with my library of element and how will the project be converted?Copies I have already copy projects.nomicons/grin   


Re: Critical error

Ok good nomicons/smile

For you elements library, nothing to do the library stay unchanged.
For the project it's another thing.
One of the big change of the 0.7 version is how the element texts are managed (you can add/remove text directly in the diagram editor and edit a lot of properties for this text) but the side effect is that project made with older version are not fully compatible with the new version.
Some text are not at the good position, other text are lost etc...

Open your project with the new version, check if everything is ok, if not two choice:
1: redraw the wrong part of your project with the new version.
2: if redraw will take a lot of time, finish your project with the old version, and start new project with the last version.

Another new feature with the 0.7 version is the backup file.
If QElectroTech crash, at next start a dialog ask you to open backup file.

I hope everything will be ok for you with the last version nomicons/wink


Re: Critical error

https://svnweb.tuxfamily.org/filedetail … FChangeLog


Re: Critical error

Good day.
 I installed a new version. There were no problems with the conversion of the project. Backup save folder has appeared. Thank you all for your help.nomicons/cool