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Albert what i learned is that this was a school project and the developer is no longer working on it.
It is still being tinkered with, but by the community.

understanding of Multi and Single line

a wire is a wire I want to say that the software does not see the difference between Multi and Single line that is a name / attribute it will be copied further to the next diagram

type="multi" / "single"

<conductor dash-size="2" bicolor="true" tension-protocol="" horizrotatetext="0" numsize="7" num="_" terminal1="9" vertical-alignment="AlignRight" horizontal-alignment="AlignBottom" onetextperfolio="1" formula="" terminal2="0" color2="#ff0000" vertirotatetext="270" type="multi" condsize="1" function="" displaytext="1" x="0" freezeLabel="false" y="0">
            <conductor dash-size="2" bicolor="true" tension-protocol="" neutral="true" horizrotatetext="0" numsize="7" num="_" terminal1="11" vertical-alignment="AlignRight" horizontal-alignment="AlignBottom" onetextperfolio="1" formula="" terminal2="2" color2="#ff0000" vertirotatetext="270" type="single" condsize="1" ground="true" function="" phase="1" x="0" displaytext="1" freezeLabel="false" y="0">

the community is looking at buses like at KiCAD, eagle. to solve this.

that there can sometimes be oddities, but it is up to everyone to fix this.

So you make a point.

And of course we are happy to welcome everyone who can help, be it the code, the translation, the documentation, finding errors, proposing ideas.

Thanks for your response.
So I understand it is still work in progress.

Where is the community discussing this subject?
The minimum I can do is helping with ideas.
In my opinion, a special kind of 'outgoing/incoming arrow' would already be helpfull (one that does not connect to the hole 'bus', but only to one wire in the 'bus').

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Voici le vrai projet en Unifilaire

This is the documentation page to which I am referring. However, I don't see how it answers my question. Or am I missing something in your response?

Hello All,

First my thanks to the developers for their work on QElectroTech. It makes me, an hobbyist wiring his own house, able to document what he is doing.

I have a few questions about Single Line and Multiline Conductors.

I have a sheet similar to the documentation on page … gram.html. This drawing doesn't show the 'stick'-symbols in each conductor, where my drawing does. How is this done?

I assume that Multiline conductors may only be connected to all-pole elements from the QET Collection, and Single line conductors only to single pole elements. Is that correct?
If so, why is there no 'folio referencing' in the single pole section?

I use a 'outgoing arrow' to connect my Multiline Conductor (line, neutral and earth). On another sheet I want to have 3 'incoming arrow', connecting to the Multiline's line, neutral and earth respectively. Is this possible?

Most probably I have a different understanding of Multi and Single line than the developers intended. Can anybody please point me to some info clarifying the concept?

Thanks for your assistance,