scorpio810 wrote:

If i remember, in 0.3 you have to enable internal connections widget or icon, in element editor and save element, now in 0.4 devel version, internal connections is active by default.
And  now enable internal connections choice is removed.

Btw, you could try latest snapshot 0.4 devel, code is stable i think, but we have to finish todo list for tagging release candidate etc in the end of year.

This is what I needed. Thank you.

Version is v0.3 (compilation Dec 19. 2013). It doesnt matter which element. Just pick for example a "/QET elements/sources/multiline/Single-pole source + PE + N" and try to connect L with N. I know this is the short circuit but it can't be done.

Furthermore create your own element and add 2 terminals. If you try to connect those two you can't do it. I first noticed this when trying to connect some terminals to create a cross switch out of a two pole switch... This technique is commonly used.


I love the program but there is a serious issue with the terminals.
I can't seem to connect terminals of the same element. Why is that?

Sometimes this might come handy and is urgently needed. You
should fix this.