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0000098QElectroTechElement Editorpublic2016-10-12 16:55
Assigned Toblack_sun 
PlatformQt5.6.1, kf5.27.0, Plasma5.8.0, OSLinux 4.7.8, gcc 5.4.0, OS VersionMageia 6
Product VersionSVN/trunk 
Target VersionSVN/trunkFixed in VersionSVN/trunk 
Summary0000098: Crash when closing Element editor * With debug screenshot *
Descriptionsvn 4734, running in debug mode from QtDesigner
I have a multipage schematic open
I was editing a simple element originally only containing two arcs and the "label" field:

1) opened the element by doubleclicking it in schema editor collections pane

2) added three three-point polylines

3) selected all the three three-point polylines, and copied them using ctrl-c
     (with intention to copy them into other elements)

4) clicked the windows closing button (x)
=> segmentation fault

5) grabbed attached screenshot
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Morganol (reporter)

BTW, I also suggest developers to try the code in the clang analyzer

This is not "my cup of tea", but to me the code seem to have problems.


Morganol (reporter)

It did save the element correctly despite crashing


scorpio810 (administrator)

fixed in 4736

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