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Summary0000076: Same text used 2 different places

A topic popup help text and a menu line says the same but are not related.

Steps To Reproduce

This is done with reference to Danish translation on QElectroTech V0.51-dev+svn4400 on Windows but also goes for newer versions and also seen on Debian.

Create a new diagram.

Hold the mouse on the 'Tilføj række' (Ajouter une ligne/Add new row), it will popup with 'Tilføj række(#)'

Then try right click on the folio.Second last menupoint says the same 'Tilføj række(#)'

The topic at the top is about creating a new line the other one is creating a new row.

Hope I have explained it well and as mentioned in the dtails it islow priority but then again I can't 'finish' my translation correctly like it is :-)


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2016-04-04 17:59

administrator   ~0000134

Could you send screens about this problem?


2016-04-04 19:23



2016-04-04 19:23



2016-04-04 19:25

reporter   ~0000135

I have added two screenshots first one is the popup help text, the second one is right click on folio. Still in Danish as the '(9999)' will show they are alike and it will also be a good pointer to where it is in the translation file.


2016-04-04 20:09

administrator   ~0000136

Last edited: 2016-04-04 20:12

the fisrt is for draw a line, the second is to add a row in titleblock.

In French is the same word.


2016-04-04 21:23

reporter   ~0000137

I kind of thought that but in Dansih and for that matter English it is not so I just wanted to bring it up


2016-04-17 09:39

reporter   ~0000138

But could this text not just be seperated into two different translations? One for line 309 and one for 399?

        <location filename="../sources/qetdiagrameditor.cpp" line="309"/>
        <location filename="../sources/qetdiagrameditor.cpp" line="399"/>
        <source>Ajouter une ligne</source>


2016-08-22 16:05

reporter   ~0000157

If there is no plans on changing it the issue can just as well be closed.


2016-08-23 02:14

administrator   ~0000158

Fixed in rev 4651

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