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0000287QElectroTechotherpublic2023-08-29 15:40
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PlatformQelectrtech 0,90 on windows 10 
Summary0000287: reverence at motor protection auxiliary contacts does not work
DescriptionWhen you make an auxiliary contact and connect it to the appropriate motor protection, to turn on a lamp, for example, when the protection turns on. That the name and the reverence come together, this is not convenient and not readable. This makes the reverence useless.
Steps To ReproduceStep 1, grab a motor protection, name it with 3+ letters.
step 2, grab an auxiliary contact under the cross-reverence contacts box
step 3, place these and connect them together. now you will that the reverence and name are together

i used the Motor protection switch GV and a contact normally closed single simple (NC).
there are also 2 pictures attached for extra clarity.
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2023-08-28 20:53

administrator   ~0000645

plese send you report bug in English, please, thanks.



2023-08-29 08:36

reporter   ~0000646

I have updated the file so that it is now in english.


2023-08-29 15:40

administrator   ~0000647

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